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Standalone Books

The Men of Eden Cove Manor
by Naomi Valkyrie

Paranormal Halloween Romance

The men of Eden Cove Manor have a secret, and it’s about to be discovered.


My mother’s final wish was for me to embrace life and live it to the fullest. I intend to do just that. Despite the town gossip touting the dangers, and my best friend’s admonishments, I set my sights on uncovering the mystery surrounding the men of Eden Cove Manor.

After a confrontation with Mordecai – one of the hot, mysterious Manor men – he’s determined to teach me a lesson. But I’m determined not to let him win the game he’s playing.

Mordecai is running out of time.

I’m running out of fight.

I set out to find answers and got more than I bargained for.

Am I about to become the next secret of Eden Cove Manor?


Lucifer is a nosy, impulsive, reckless brat. And I’m loathed to admit that I’m drawn to his chaotic energy.

At first, my only intention is to torment him for violating our privacy, but then I discover he may be the answer we’ve been searching for.

Can I convince him he’s the missing piece to our centuries old puzzle before it’s too late?

EdenCoveManor cover.jpg

Paranormal Romance,

MM Romance,

Romantic Suspense


Opposites Attract

New Beginnings

Unexpected Love

Too curious for his own good


Why Choose

The Alien & The Crime Boss
by Naomi Valkyrie

Sci-Fi Romance / MM Romance

An alien and an aspiring crime boss meet in the woods…


With my plan to weaken the two major crime families set in motion, I retreat to a remote cabin to wait out the destruction and plan my takeover. None of my plans included a man claiming to be from another planet.

Believing he’s been sent to kill me, his ridiculous claim a distraction meant to throw me off, I hold him prisoner. But then he goes and saves my life. Maybe there’s something to this alien thing after all. One thing is certain, my pathway to power just got a whole lot easier with him on my side.

All I have to do now is stay focused on the mission and not get distracted by the allure of my otherworldly hero.


After fleeing the authorities on my home planet to avoid the punishment of the fighting arena, I awake on Earth only to find I’ve exchanged one prison for another. The difference is, I can tell the wary human holding me captive won’t harm me. He might be reluctant to believe I’m not human, but deep-down he knows I’m not a threat.

Despite his suspicion, he treats me well and even initiates the betrothal ritual. Which is why when people show up in the middle of the night intending to kill him, I call upon my warrior spirit to defend him; the very warrior spirit I’d sworn never to use, because I fear losing myself to my primal nature.

Now, Kasper has made me a part of his mission to rise to the top; but how can I be certain it’s me he truly wants? What if I’m just a pawn in his struggle for power – only good for my talents, but not worthy of his love?

Alien and Crime Boss_Naomi Valkyrie.jpg

Alien Romance, Mafia Romance

M/M Romance



Reluctant Mates

Only One Bed

Accidental Engagement

This story initially published in the Aliens on Earth Anthology.

Fate, Frankincense & Funerals
by Naomi Valkyrie

Forbidden Mates Romance

Acheron – Vulture shifter – Shunned from society because he touches the dead…

Kharon, the only place I’m safe, is in my rearview mirror as I take the treacherous journey to Mandara.

I know it’s dangerous, but I have to go. Something is pulling me to the city. When I get there, I’m surprised to discover it’s a person - Errapel, nurse to the dying soul I’ve been sent to assist. He’s a breath of fresh air to my stagnant life, but the law says vulture shifters are forbidden from taking a mate.

Is there anything that can keep us together? Maybe, but I have no idea what it could be. Society is a difficult thing to fight. Can a vulture shifter outcast, and a sweet hare shifter nurse, beat the odds, or will the archaic laws tear them apart?

FFF eBook cover.jpg

Paranormal Romance,  Shifter Romance

M/M Romance


CW: death/dying



Forbidden Mates

Fight against prejudice

Honoring tradition while fighting for progress

The Final Bite
by Naomi Valkyrie

Chosen Mates Halloween Romance

Every ten years, the gods choose a being from the paranormal world who has been unjustly killed and offers them a second chance at life. The catch? They must take a mate, and they only have three days to do it.

Oh, and they can only choose once. If the person they choose for a mate rejects them – it’s straight back to paranormal purgatory.

Fortunately for me, I, Quinnlan Trinity, am the chosen one.

Unfortunately for me, the trickster gods must have gotten into the mix because they drop me at an abandoned motel in the middle of nowheresville with three days’ worth of clothing, sans underwear, and a wad of cash. Seriously?

I've got two days left when I find a guy bleeding out, thanks to a suspicious group of wolf shifters. I could save him, but if I do, that means choosing him as my mate and risking rejection. Is he the one? Or, by saving him, am I dooming myself to a trip back to the afterlife?


Paranormal Romance,  Vampire Romance

M/M Romance



Chosen Mates

Life & Death Decisions

I need to convince him I'm the one he wants

Why did they send me here without any underwear?

The Ghastly Gumball
by Naomi Valkyrie

Paranormal RomCom

Magic, Romance, and Shifters – OH MY!

This is a zany, wacky story about a guy named Lockwood King.
There’s magic.
There’s humor.
There’s chaos.
There’s meddling by outside forces (but it’s for their own good – really, it is).
There’s sort of fated mates (fate gets a little push – okay, a big shove, but everyone deserves an HEA, right)?
There’s a bit of cursing (the magic and the swearing kind).
There’s inconvenient tentacle wrestling. (Don’t ask me, I just write what the characters tell me to).
And speaking of tentacles, did I mention the cigar-smoking octopus named Clyde?
If you don’t like absurdly unbelievable tales and magical mishaps, this probably isn’t the book for you. You’ve been warned.

gg cover.jpg

Paranormal Romance,  Shifter Romance

M/M Romance, RomCom



Magic Mishaps

Accidental Mates

Magic run amok

What the hell is happening to me?

Why is an octopus smoking?

And what the hell do I do with these extra appendages?

The Husbands
by Naomi Valkyrie

Polyamorous Romance

An accident brought them together, but life will tear them apart.

Everything changed for Dorian and Augustine the night an assassin made a terrible mistake. As the two men navigate the aftermath, they can’t deny their developing feelings, but a relationship isn’t in the cards. Broken-hearted, they both move on with their lives, believing they’ll never see each other again.

Then the unthinkable happens.

Three years later, their wives become friends and can’t wait to introduce each other to their husbands. What do you do when the one that got away is within reach, and you can’t acknowledge what they mean to you?

Dorian and Augustine are about to find out.


Contemporary Romance




Second Chance

Chosen Family

The Widow
by Rebecca E. McEwen & Naomi Valkyrie

Dark Romantic Fantasy

A year after her husband’s death, Vashti grows weary of the grief and loneliness that plagues her. Forcing herself to leave the sanctuary of her mansion, she ventures into town. Although Vashti intends to maintain her privacy, she finds herself compelled to take in a recently single college student.

When Absalom’s girlfriend is caught cheating, he ends up with no place to go. Vashti’s offer of housing in exchange for companionship seems heaven sent, even if it does come with a strangely specific contract.

Things are going well for both Vashti and Absalom until his friend Simeon enters the picture. With his entrance into their lives he brings unwanted drama with him. The privacy Vashti has worked so hard to protect is suddenly endangered, and Absalom sees everything he’s built with Vashti begin to crumble.

When lives are threatened, will Vashti’s solution to the problem alter the course of their lives forever?


Dark Paranormal Romance

Romantic Suspense


CW: emotional manipulation




All is not as it seems

Emotional Scars

Multiple Partner Relationships

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