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What's Next After The Ghastly Gumball
Chapter One


The Ghastly Gumball
by Naomi Valkyrie

Paranormal Shifter RomCom

Magic, Romance, and Shifters – OH MY!

This is a zany, wacky story about a guy named Lockwood King.
There’s magic.
There’s humor.
There’s chaos.
There’s meddling by outside forces (but it’s for their own good – really, it is).
There’s sort of fated mates (fate gets a little push – okay, a big shove, but everyone deserves an HEA, right)?
There’s a bit of cursing (the magic and the swearing kind).
There’s inconvenient tentacle wrestling. (Don’t ask me, I just write what the characters tell me to).
And speaking of tentacles, did I mention the cigar-smoking octopus named Clyde?
If you don’t like absurdly unbelievable tales and magical mishaps, this probably isn’t the book for you. You’ve been warned.

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No Rest for the Wicked
by Naomi Valkyrie

Book 1 of the Life is Hell series

All I wanted was a break.
No more killing. No more vengeance.
I thought peace was within my grasp…

I’m Delilah Hawthorne, vengeance demon, tired of killing, and in dire need of a vacation.
I thought I’d found peace in the tiny town of Juniper Lake, but apparently fate has other plans.
Between three conniving witches hellbent on murder, and a hot, but nosy sheriff who needs to mind his own business, it looks like the old saying is true – there really is no rest for the wicked.

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