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Naomi Valkyrie

Author of Paranormal Romance, Fantasy & SciFi Romance, Contemporary Romance


Unexpected Heroes
by Naomi Valkyrie

Losing everything is a disaster, until an unexpected hero sneaks into your life and saves the day.


After narrowly avoiding a prison sentence, I snatch up the chance to start over. But my ex certainly didn’t make things easy. I’ve lost everything–my job, my reputation, my friends, everything except what matters most, my infant son, Griffin. He’s the reason I live and breathe, but I don’t know if I can do this alone.

Then an angel appears in the form of my new neighbor, Jude. He’s handsome and good with my son, but my heart is hesitant to love again. Especially with Jude’s personal demons interfering, leading him to betray my trust.

Despite our falling out, when my past shows up, putting Griffin in danger, Jude’s the one riding to the rescue. He’s a good man, but am I ready to risk my heart to build a future with him?



He’s gone, and he took my heart and soul with him. Life is now an endless round of working security jobs and losing myself in the bottom of a bottle… until the night I meet my new neighbor Elijah and his baby boy. Suddenly, the future I always wanted is possible again, and I cling to it with all I’ve got. But my clinging leads me to make a decision that could tank everything before it gets started.

Even though Elijah has pushed me away, when he and Griffin are in danger, I can’t stand by and do nothing. Elijah and I may not end up together, but he and his son have become my reason to live. As long as they are safe, nothing else matters. I’d rather they be alive to love from afar, than be dead and return to the darkness I was in before we met, because this time I might not make it out.

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Featured in Saved by the Everyday Hero Anthology

Contemporary Romance, MM Romance,

Romantic Suspense


Second Chance at Love

Small Town Romance

Opposites Attract

New Beginnings

Unexpected Love

Single Dad

Instant Attraction

COMING 10/31/23

The Men of Eden Cove Manor
by Naomi Valkyrie

The men of Eden Cove Manor have a secret, and it’s about to be discovered.


My mother’s final wish was for me to embrace life and live it to the fullest. I intend to do just that. Despite the town gossip touting the dangers, and my best friend’s admonishments, I set my sights on uncovering the mystery surrounding the men of Eden Cove Manor.

After a confrontation with Mordecai – one of the hot, mysterious Manor men – he’s determined to teach me a lesson. But I’m determined not to let him win the game he’s playing.

Mordecai is running out of time.

I’m running out of fight.

I set out to find answers and got more than I bargained for.

Am I about to become the next secret of Eden Cove Manor?


Lucifer is a nosy, impulsive, reckless brat. And I’m loathed to admit that I’m drawn to his chaotic energy.

At first, my only intention is to torment him for violating our privacy, but then I discover he may be the answer we’ve been searching for.

Can I convince him he’s the missing piece to our centuries old puzzle before it’s too late?

EdenCoveManor cover.jpg

Paranormal Romance, MM Romance,

Romantic Suspense


Opposites Attract

New Beginnings

Unexpected Love

Too curious for his own good


Why Choose

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